PotentLift Reviews

PotentLift Reviews 2019: Does This FaceLift Serum Work?

In your search to gain your youthful face back, you may have
come across PotentLift. Potent is the latest instant face lifting serum beauticians are raving about. It is a
formulation of many natural facelift ingredients, in which the 6-peptides are prominent.

We took our time to analyze
PotentLift and consider factors like what
PotentLift is, ingredients, how it works and wrap
things up with the pros and cons of the product.

What is

Potent lift is a facelift serum designed to erase any aging signs like eye wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s
feet, dark circles, puffy eyes, and other aging signs. It is tested and
confirmed—by dermatologist and ophthalmologist—to contain lots of natural
ingredients. These ingredients, which include 6 active peptides, are formulated
to stimulate collagen production—a unique protein that promotes skin firmness and
also eliminates all the frustrating saggy face signs.

PotentLift Works?

When you apply PotentLift to your face, neck area or the
affected part, instantly, you’ll sense a feeling that the affected part got
tighter and smoother—within 60 seconds. Just take a look in the mirror, and you’ll find out all the embarrassing
contours fade away—disappeared, and any
other lines lifted as well.

With regular use of PotentLift, the well-formulated peptides will stimulate
a constant supply of collagen to fight against other aging signs like wrinkles, facial lines, and others. Also, the manufacturer boasts a permanent youthful
looking and supple skin if users religiously apply the product.

Besides, they claim it helps in bringing together scattered skin cells responsible
for unhealthy and weak skin. That’s another way to say all aging skin signs will permanently be erased.

But as there many rapid anti aging
serum out there promising all the
benefits in the world, let’s take a closer look at PotentLift ingredients and


The 6 Peptides:

The six peptides help fibroblast to produce enough
collagen. While most top anti-aging
products have just a fraction of these peptides, PotentLift contains all the six peptides
because some of the peptides are recently formulated.

These peptides help in the production of more collagen—the
protein found in the dermis that makes
the outer skin get firmer, more supple and youthful. It also fades wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, eye
bags, and other
aging signs.

Chondrus Crispus
(Seaweed) Extract

It contains hydrating nutrients, skin-enhancing mineral, and vitamins that help revitalize against aging,
tired and unhealthy skin.

White Oak Tree
Stem Cell

First of
the three stem cells is White Oak Tree stem cell. It helps in soothing the skin,
performs anti-inflammatory functions and acts
as an anti-oxidant. Altogether, the three stem cells are effective anti-oxidant that helps protect against free radicals.

Chinese Basil

It is another
ingredient that plumps the skin to make it supple. It is also another stem cell
extract providing rosmarine and omega-3 fatty acid.

Euterpe Oleracea
(Acai) Fruit Extract

This stem
cell extract also resists acne and slow down aging.
Unlike the silicates, this ingredient fades
signs of aging with time.


As an alcohol-based preservative, it provides germicide and preservative functions.


Increase in age equals an increase in moisture retention decline.
Glycerin, acting as a humectant, will trap and retain moisture from the environment
to make the skin remain hydrated and supple.


It is
another humectant used in PotentLift. It is considered naturally conservative
therefore safe for any skin type.

Sodium Silicate

Like ethylhexylglycerin,
it is considered safe for all skin types. It prevents
skin cell wear and enhances the pH balance of the skin cells. It also an
ingredient found in many cosmetic products.

How Long Does
Result Take?

Though aging
signs may be difficult to eliminate, you
can leverage the power of facelift serum formulation to slow down the process.

To see an appreciable
lift on your face outlook, consistent application of PotentLift on the face and
neck will create much difference. PotentLift will provide desirable result every day, but for a
long-lasting and permanent solution, it is recommended to use it consistently
for a period of 2 to 3 months.

Although PotentLift contains many organic ingredients,
a lasting transformation may vary from
skin to skin. In the long run, however, any wrinkles, fine lines, and facial
signs will disappear.

Price and How to

The product is capped $120 per unit and comes
in a 1.75 Fl. Oz container. They accept PayPal, credit and debit cards. They
also ship for free to anywhere in the United States.

Perhaps the company is trying to avoid the circulation of fake products; therefore, you can only purchase from their
official website—www.potentlift.com.

Pros and Cons of PotentLift

Here are some of the pros and
cons we considered more important based according to customers’ feedback on
their website.


  • PotentLift
    is backed with a 60 days money back on every
  • Reasonable pricing compared to other top anti aging products.
  • It
    contains state-of-the-art ingredients
  • It
    contains many organic ingredients.
  • It
    promotes a youthful look.
  • Easy
    to use.


  • Can
    only be purchased from their official website.
  • Some
    customer complained about late delivery.
  • It requires everyday use for a long lasting result.
  • Results may take time for different individuals.
  • The skin may feel too tight if an excess is applied


The versatile and potent ingredients used in
PotentlIft makes it one of the best instant face lifting serum in the market.
It gives instant—60 seconds rapid anti
result and repeated use over time will provide a lasting solution.

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